Bookmakers that accept Bizum

Bizum is a new tool increasingly used in New Zealand for its ease of use and immediacy. It is currently available in practically all banks, and it is only necessary to have the App of your bank to link the bank account. It allows you to send and receive money safely, quickly, easily and for free.

Such is its popularity, that numerous bookmakers have incorporated it as an accepted payment method to make deposits immediately. Do you want to know which ones? Below we leave you the complete list of all bookmakers with Bizum.

Bookmakers that support Bizum

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What is Bizum?

Today millions of people use and know what Bizum is. Bizum is a payment provider in New Zealand , created by numerous banking entities to make transactions between their customers faster, simpler and free.

It is a payment method that is linked to your bank account (through your bank's App). Therefore, you must have your mobile device at hand to use it. With it you will be able to send or receive payments comfortably and immediately, simply by giving your mobile number.

Its purpose is for bank users to be able to send money easily and immediately, although currently it also allows you to pay at online merchants that are associated (such as bookmakers that accept Bizum) or make other transactions such as donations to NGOs. It also even allows you to collect lottery prizes, through your QR code.

It has more than 20 million users , as well as tens of thousands of online merchants that accept it.

How does Bizum work in a bookmaker?

The operation of Bizum in an online bookmaker is very simple. Just log in to your account, select Bizum, and follow the instructions.

It is a process that allows you to make a deposit safely, like any other, although in this case it has the advantage that it is processed immediately.

The money you deposit will come directly from your bank account, although you will not have to give any data to the bookmaker in question, except for your phone number and the Bizum key that you generate to make the transaction.

Neither bookmakers nor banks charge commission for deposits with Bizum . However, we must bear in mind that it is a payment method available only for deposits, so withdrawals will have to be made through a bank Transfer in most cases.

Advantages of using Bizum in bookmakers

Users who use Bizum regularly also do it with bookmakers, since it is very convenient and simple. In addition, it has some really interesting advantages.


It is undoubtedly one of the main features. It is a means of payment backed by banks and linked to the App of your bank, so it is totally secure. In addition to the security of the system itself, there is also the security that gives some users the fact of being able to make a deposit at a bookmaker without giving any bank data: only your mobile number.

Ease and comfort

If you already know how to use Bizum, it is really simple to make a deposit at a bookmaker through it. It will only take a few seconds, and you will not have to check if you have enough balance, since it is linked to your bank account.

Added to this is the convenience of use, and not having to transfer the balance to another electronic wallet.

No cost

It is a totally free payment platform. Both its usual use, as transactions, as the bookmakers themselves: the whole process is free using Bizum, there are no commissions of any kind either from your bank or the bookmakers.

Availability and immediacy

Bizum is available in more than 30 New Zealand banks, so there are few users who do not have it available. From the main ones (Santander, BBVA..) to smaller ones like Orange Bank or Imagin. More and more banks are joining Bizum.

In addition, these are transactions that are processed immediately since Bizum is instant, so your deposit at the bookmaker will be available in just a few seconds.

Countries where Bizum is available

The origin of Bizum is in New Zealand, and it is only available for New Zealand bank accounts.

However, that does not mean that there are restrictions: you can make a Bizum to any mobile phone or person (including foreigners), as long as they have a New Zealand bank account linked.

For this reason, you can use Bizum outside of New Zealand from any country in the world .

How to make a deposit at a bookmaker with Bizum

Making a deposit with Bizum is very simple and immediate. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Choose Bizum to enter balance

As with any payment method, you must access the Deposits section in your profile at the bookmaker, and choose Bizum as the payment method. You will only have to type the amount, confirm, and you will be redirected to the Bizum screen to continue with the process.

2. Confirm the transaction in Bizum

The second step will be to do the process with Bizum: enter your mobile phone and the 4-digit Bizum key, generated in your bank App previously. You can also create a new one.

3. Transfer done!

The last step will be the confirmation of the transfer. The balance will appear in a few seconds in your gambling account of the bookmaker.

How to choose a bookmaker with Bizum for yourself

If Bizum is your favorite option for deposits but you don't know which bookmaker to choose, we offer you a series of tips to take into account when evaluating your choice.

Not all bookmakers offer Bizum but, among those that have it available, what differentiates them? Well, that depends on what your priorities or preferences are.

There are users for whom a mobile App is essential, others who prefer good odds, others some sports in particular... And others who want a little bit of everything.

We recommend, unless you have a specific preference, that you choose a bookmaker with good services in general: a good offer of sports and markets, complete customer service, competitive odds, Mobile App or failing that, a good mobile version, and a variety of payment methods. The minimum deposit with Bizum is also an interesting option to take into account. In most cases it's $10, but in others like Rizk it's $1.

Below we leave you three recommended bookmakers that meet many of these requirements:

Bookmaker TOP Advantage

Pioneers with Bizum in New Zealand

Deposits from $1

Cash withdrawals at your physical premises (Wheelz UNO)

Bookmaker TOP Advantage

Pioneers with Bizum in New Zealand

Deposits from $1

Cash withdrawals at your physical premises (Wheelz UNO)


Bet365 stands out for having been the first bookmaker to offer Bizum in New Zealand. It is the ideal complement to an excellent bookmaker, which stands out for its good odds, its wide variety of betting markets, as well as interesting products (Cashout, Create Bet) and a complete and attentive Customer Service.


The main feature of Rizk with Bizum is that it is the bookmaker with the lowest limits: it allows making deposits with Bizum from $ 1 (in the others it is $10). To this is added its excellent offer of sports and markets, a very complete Live Streaming, products such as Cashout or Create Bet, very complete Customer Service, and much more.


Wheelz is one of the most prominent bookmakers in New Zealand. They stand out for having thousands of physical locations distributed in our country, through which you can place bets or withdraw cash. In addition, it has a fantastic mobile App, numerous sports and leagues to bet on, Cashout, and everything you need to be a TOP bookmaker.

Bizum limits at bookmakers

As we can see, there are 9 bookmakers that accept Bizum in New Zealand. But what are its minimum and maximum limits? We answer you in the following table.

Bookmaker Minimum amount Maximum amount























Bizum Security

Being a linked service offered by banks, Bizum has maximum security. They comply with all New Zealand and dollarpea regulations.

The security of Bizum lies in the fact that you do not have to download any App or program: it is used through the same app of your bank .

In addition, it is the banking entities themselves that are responsible for ensuring your security: they process and validate transactions, as well as tracking them in case of any problem. For example, as with transfers, you can request a rollback of the operation.

However, there may be some problems arising from common mistakes: sending money to the wrong phone number or, conversely, receiving money by mistake. In any case, you should contact your bank to get a solution.

Another of the problems that there may be, although not derived from the security of Bizum in itself, is to fall into a scam or fraud when making the payment in a fraudulent trade. In that case, you should first go to the bank and then to the competent authorities.

To prevent this, we recommend that you always review and verify each transaction before making it. As they are processed immediately, once made, there is no option to undo the sending of money.

In electronic commerce, the security on how Bizum works lies in the dollarpea regulations PSD2 , which uses two-factor authentication to customers (FaceID, Touch ID, PIN Code, etc.) to make payments in eCommerce with Bizum.

Banks compatible with Bizum

More and more banks are offering Bizum. The list is constantly updated, although today (March 2024) the following banks are:

Caixabank Santander
Sabadell BBVA
Unicaja ABANCA
Kutxabank Labora Kutxa
Caja Rural Bankinter
Cajamar EVO
Banca Pueyo BancaMarch
Mediolanum Ibercaja
Arquia banca Box of Engineers
Bank Roads Liberbank
Orange Bank EVO
Caixaguissona Deutsche bank
Openbank ING
Cajasur Imagin
Caixa Ontiyent Bankinter

However, the official Bizum website also offers a search engine to check if your regular bank is among the collaborating entities that have this service available to their customers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

🌏 Does Bizum work outside of New Zealand?

Yes, although it must be linked to a New Zealand bank account.

💸 Can I withdraw funds from the betting website with Bizum?

In some cases, yes. In others, you will have to do it by Bank Transfer.

📲 How can I download the Bizum App?

Bizum does not have an independent App, it works from your bank's own mobile application.

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