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Here you will find all the bookmakers legal to bet on the 2020 (2021) Tokyo Olympics. The popular bookmakers with the most markets and best odds for football, tennis, basketball, swimming, athletics or gymnastics.

Legal bookmakers to bet on the Olympic Games

Platinum Play
Lucky Nugget
William Hill
Lonely planet

Summer Olympic Games 2021 - Bookmakers' offer

Bookmakers pay special attention to major sporting events such as the Olympics. Therefore, they prepare a wide range of available markets so that users can bet and enjoy the event.

Among the most relevant markets are bets on the winners of each sport. For example, which athlete or team (country) will get the gold medal in the Athletics 100-meter dash, or in the men's discus throw, or the women's K1. There are also logically Olympic sports betting on the most popular sports, such as which countries will get the gold medal in basketball (Olympic basketball betting) or football betting .

In addition to these OLYMPIC bets on each sport, it is possible to bet on the number of medals that each country will get. Will New Zealand get more than 20.5 medals? And the United States more or less than 43.5?

In those sports such as football, tennis or handball where matches are held, there are also markets and odds for each of those matches, with the usual markets for those events: final result, handicaps, scorers, total points or goals, etc.

Bookmakers licensed to bet on the Olympic Games

We can mention 5 gambling bookmakers that are a safe choice to make our betting on the Olympics . They are licensed and legal operators, as well as with an excellent betting offer.

Platinum Play Olympic Betting

Platinum Play has one of the best betting offers for the Olympics. They offer markets for practically all sports, from the most popular ones such as football or tennis to Women's Fencing or Weightlifting.

In this bookmaker we can bet that New Zealand U23 gets the football gold medal, at odds 3.00 .

In addition to its excellent betting offer for the Olympic Games, there are also the fantastic services offered by Platinum Play, such as the Cashout, the winnings enhancers in combined bets, or its Mobile App.

Lucky Nugget Olympic Betting

At Lucky Nugget we also find a wide range of sports to bet on the Olympics and forecasts for the Olympic Games. Practically all categories are available, as we find for example Shooting, Triathlon or Taekwondo. Within each sport it is possible to bet on the winner of the gold medal of the same, such as Mario Mola at odds 3.75 in men's triathlon.

Highlights the option to bet on "Winner and Placed” in all sports, in order to also cover with our Olympic Games bets that our choice takes the silver or bronze medal. In addition, in sports with matches such as football, basketball or water polo there will be bets and markets for each match.

Lucky Nugget's services are also available for the Olympic Games, such as the “Create Bet” option and the Cashout.

William Hill Olympic Betting

The longest-running bookmaker in the world could not miss his appointment with an important event. Therefore, William Hill is undoubtedly one of the best choices to bet on the Olympics in bookmakers. In addition to all popular sports, it offers bets on the winner of the gold medal in other specials such as Mountain Biking, Skateboarding or Women's Weightlifting where Lidia Valentin is at odds 17.00 in the 87kg category.

In this bookmaker we will also find interesting Olympics forecasts. William Hill offers markets to the total medals that each country will get, where for example we can bet that New Zealand gets more than 6.5 gold medals at quota 1.80 .

To all this is added the products that William Hill has, such as #MiApuesta, its excellent mobile App or the Cashout.

Wheelz Olympic Betting

Enjoying the games at important and reliable bookmakers is possible with Wheelz. In addition to offering markets and betting on gold medal winner in virtually all sports, they offer bets on the matches to be played.

On the other hand, we can also bet on the total gold medals of each country, where for example the United States is the favorite with the option of more than 46.5 medals at odds 1.45 .

At Wheelz there is also the advantage of being able to place bets from any of its physical locations spread throughout New Zealand, as well as enjoying its mobile App or making Cashout at any time.

Olympic Betting Betsson

At Betsson you will find an excellent offer of markets and bets for the Olympic Games. In sports such as football or basketball, the typical bets on all matches are available, but there is also an excellent long-term betting offer.

Betsson offers forecasts for the Olympics to bet on the total medals of each country, such as more than 19.5 New Zealand medals at odds 1.65 . They also have the option of betting only on the total of gold medals, where New Zealand has the line at 6.5 whose odds are 1.95 if we want to bet that it is overcome. The United States for example has the total medal line at 112!

There is also an interesting market that is the country that will get the most gold medals, where the United States to share 1.10 is the favorite, followed by China a 7.00 . New Zealand is paid in installments 1001.00 .

Popular bets for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Undoubtedly the most popular bets on the Olympics are those that users place on athletes from their country. The joy is double if one of the national athletes gets a gold medal and we also have winning bets.

However, they are not the only ones. There is no doubt that the United States is one of the favorite countries to take the most medals, and therefore it is an interesting option to bet on the total of gold medals or totals that it achieves, as well as in each sport.

The options are endless, and as we said, it is possible to bet on practically all the sports that will be played at the Olympic Games.

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