The best bookmakers for handball in 2024

Today, all licensed bookmakers in New Zealand offer handball markets, although some have more or better services than others.

Despite being a sport that does not enjoy the popularity that others such as football or tennis have, in New Zealand it has numerous followers, either by fans or by following the good performance of our national teams as well as the national team.

For sports betting fans, it can be a very interesting market. Here we show you all the information and bookmakers to bet legally and safely in our country.

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Handball betting - Detailed guide

Handball is not the sport with the most followers in New Zealand. The king sport is football, and ahead of handball we find sports such as basketball, tennis and cycling, among others. Therefore, when choosing which bookmaker to make our handball predictions in New Zealand is not a simple task.

At Innovate Change we will guide you so that you know what aspects you should take into account when choosing the bookmaker. To do this, we will explain what are the most common mistakes that are made when starting with handball sports betting. In turn, we will tell you which are the operators with the best offers and markets to bet on handball matches.

The objective of these lines is that you have a solid knowledge base in order to choose the best bookmaker based on your goals and that you can start making your first bets with total security and confidence.

Types of bets on handball

As in other sports, there are also different markets to bet on in handball. Being a sport of numerous goals, these markets have similarities with sports such as football, futsal and basketball. Next, we will describe the main handball betting markets.

Final result. It is the main market, where we can bet on the victory of the home team, the draw or the triumph of the visiting team. It should be noted that, in handball, being a sport of many goals, a draw is less likely, so the odds are usually high.

It is classified . In knockout tournaments, especially those in which they are played back and forth, there is the possibility of betting on which team is the one that passes the round.

Bet on champion . This possibility exists in major tournaments and leagues, and in the same way as in any sports competition, we can bet on the champion.

Asian handicap. In this market we can choose which team will win, and also with how many goals of advantage the triumph will be achieved. In this way, if you think that a team will win by more than five goals, you should bet on their triumph with HA -5.5. Similarly, if in your forecast you think that he will not lose by more than seven goals, you should bet in favor of that team with HA + 7.5.

Goal market. In this type of handball betting you have to opt for the goals that will be in a match. There can be several options: number of goals in the aggregate of the match, at half-time, how many goals a team scores or fits, the result combined with the number of goals, etc.

Number of cards and exclusions. In handball, as in other sports, there are cards. But also the two-minute exclusions. Thus, you can bet on how many cards or how many exclusions there will be in a match.

Margin of victory. In this market you can bet on how many goals a team wins. The usual thing is that each margin is several goals: wins by a margin of between one goal and four, between five and eight goals, etc.

Combined bets or “Create Bet”. This section allows you to combine several bets on the same match. Thus, you can enter the picks you want in the same bet as if it were a combination. It is a possibility that not all bookmakers have and the options depend on each operator.

Handball rules

Handball is a simple sport to understand. It is played on a court identical to that of futsal with goals of the same measurements and the team that scores the most goals wins. The difference is that it is played with the hand and that the teams are seven players by five of futsal.

One of the main features of handball is that the area can only be stepped on by the goalkeeper. Neither defenders nor attackers can step on it. In addition, when an attacker's shot deflects it, the goalkeeper is a door kick, being a corner kick when the last player to touch the ball is a defender.

It is also noteworthy that it is not allowed to touch the ball below the knees , except the goalkeeper in his own area. In addition, n o more than three steps can be taken without dribbling, passing or throwing the ball . Here, the difference from basketball is that one more step is allowed and the player can dribble the ball as many times as he wants. What he can't do is stand still with the ball in his hands for more than three seconds.

In handball there is no time of possession . However, the attacking team is obliged to throw, since otherwise the referees raise an arm as a warning that they are going to whistle passive play and are going to give possession to the opposing team. Free kicks or fouls are executed from where the infraction has occurred or from the broken line located nine meters from the goal if it has occurred closer.

The penalties , instead, they are launched from the seven meters, which is the line that is one meter outside the area. It is sanctioned as a penalty when a foul is committed on a goal occasion, when a defender steps on the area, when the goalkeeper introduces the ball into his area or when he receives an intentional pass from a teammate inside the area.

Among the s disciplinary sanctions four stand out: the yellow card, the two-minute exclusion, the red card and the blue card. The yellow card is the lightest and is used as a warning prior to the two-minute exclusion. If the infraction is important but not serious, the referee will sanction a player with exclusion and that team will play two minutes with one less player.

The red card and consequent expulsion occurs at the third exclusion. The referees, who in handball there are two, can also show the red directly in those cases of aggressive behavior or action that seriously endangers the physical integrity of an opponent without performing the action by default.

The most severe penalty is the blue card. If the referees consider that the action that has endangered an opponent or the inappropriate behavior is deliberate, they will show the blue card, which in addition to the expulsion from the match itself causes the expelled player to be sanctioned for future matches. In addition, if the blue card is shown in the last 30 seconds of a part, the action will be sanctioned with a throw of seven meters, regardless of the area of the field in which the action took place.

As for the duration of matches , in handball consist of two 30-minute beats with a 10-minute break. In the leagues the win adds two points, the draw one and the defeat none. In the knockout matches, in the event of a tie, an extra time will be played with two 5-minute times. If the tie persists, another overtime of two other 5-minute times will be played. If the tie continues, the winner will be decided in a five-penalty shootout. If they tie, the throws will continue until one team misses and the other scores.

Finally, it should be noted that each team has a dead time in each part and that the changes are unlimited.

Major handball tournaments

At the club level, in addition to the leagues and cups of each country, the most important tournament is the Champions League, where the best teams of the old continent are cited. One step below is the Recopa. At the level of national teams, the Dollarpa championship, the World Cup and the Olympic Games are the star tournaments.


The World Handball Championship is, after the OLYMPIC Games, the most important tournament at the national team level. The first edition was played in 1938, and since 1993 it has been played every two years, in odd-numbered years. The current champion is Norway and the next World Cup will take place in Poland and Sweden in 2024.

The country with the most world titles is France with 6. It is followed by Sweden and Romania with 4; Germany and Russia with 3; New Zealand and Denmark with 2; and Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Croatia with one title each.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the most important championship. The only thing that differs from the World Cups is that they are held every four years instead of every two. The current champion is France, which will also serve as host in the next Olympic tournament, since the 2024 Olympic Games will be held in Paris.

The first edition in which handball was part of the Olympic program was in Berlin 1936. The most successful national team is the French with three golds, followed by the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Croatia with two, while Germany, the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Russia, the Unified Team and Denmark have one gold. New Zealand's best result is bronze, having achieved it four times.

Handball Dollarpeo

The Dollarpa handball Championship is the third most important tournament at the national team level. But this does not mean that it has less value, since the main world handball powers are dollarpeas. In fact, that a dollar selection wins the World Cup or the Olympic Games is paid at low odds at bookmakers.

The first edition took place in 1994, and is held every two years, in even-numbered years. Sweden is the current champion by winning the title in January of this year in the tournament played in Hungary and Slovakia. In turn, the Scandinavian national team is the one with the most continental titles with five. France has been the Dollarpa champion three times; New Zealand, Denmark and Germany twice; and Russia once. The 2024 Dollarpeo will be held in Germany.

Champions League

The top continental club competition is contested every year. The best Dollarpa teams participate in it, which get their classification through their national leagues. The championship begins with a group stage and ends with a Final Four at a venue assigned in advance by the EHF.

The first edition was held in the 1956/1957 season, and since then it has been held uninterruptedly. The club with the most titles is Fútbol Club Barcelona with 10, also being the reigning champion. The 2024 Final Four will be held on June 18 and 19 in Cologne (Germany).

National leagues and cups

The most important handball league is that of Germany, due to the level of its teams and its sporting and economic potential. The rest of the most relevant Dollarpa championships are the Asobal League of New Zealand, the French league and those of countries such as Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland, among others. The league and cup tournaments are played in each country, and the formats may be different in each case.

The best Handball odds

It is complex to know which bookmaker has the best handball odds, since it depends on the market, competition and the payout (profit margin) that each bookmaker applies in general. A good idea to find out which bookmaker has the best handball odds is to take a look at the other sports, where you will be able to know if their odds are of quality or not.

To make it simpler with an example, we show you the best odds for the same handball match, which is quite indicative of which bookmaker has the best handball betting odds.

Let's take as an example a big league match - 2024 World Cup qualification, between Portugal and Switzerland. We leave you as an example the best odds among all the licensed bookmakers in New Zealand.

Bookmaker Portugal Draw Switzerland
Spin Palace 1.26 11.25 5.50
1xBet 1.24 11.50 4.90
Bet365 1.30 10.00 5.00
Tropez 1.25 12.00 5.00
Wildz 1.25 11.00 5.00
Rizk 1.27 10.50 5.25
Mr Green 1.27 11.50 4.80
Caxinus 1.26 11.50 5.00
Betsson 1.29 9.80 4.90

Analyzing these quotas, conclusions can be drawn. For example, it is observed that Spin Palace it has good odds as they are high in all three options (the best to bet on Switzerland, the second best to bet on the draw, and the Portugal odds are high as well).

Bet365 it is also an interesting option, as it offers the best local odds and competitive odds in the other two options. The same goes for Tropez , which offers the best odds to the draw.

Similarly, the other options on the table are a safe bet since they have higher odds than the competition for handball.

Analysis on bookmakers with handball

As you can see, all licensed bookmakers in New Zealand offer handball betting. Now you are wondering how to choose the best or most suitable handball bookmakers for you, and we have the answer.

Below we leave you what in our opinion are 5 safe bets to make your handball predictions for various reasons.

Spin Palace

This bookmaker always occupies the highest positions in all odds rankings, and in handball they are no less. Their odds are excellent thanks to the fact that they have one of the highest payouts (that is, they are one of the ones that charge the least commission per bet).

To the quality of their odds is added a very complete offer of leagues and matches, as well as markets, including Asian handicaps that very few bookmakers for handball offer. Their handball live betting section is also excellent.


RiverBelle has always offered excellent and competitive services in all sports, including handball.

Of this bookmaker we can highlight above all its markets in the main leagues, where we can even find bets on total is goals of players, available in very few bookmakers. They also offer Cashout for handball betting.


Rizk stands out in handball for its variety of markets. It is one of the bookmakers that offers the most markets for its events: handicaps, goals, races to goals, bets for periods... In addition, it also has a very complete offer of matches and leagues from all over the world to bet on handball, both pre-match and live.


If you are a fan of handball betting, Betsson will not let you down. It has a very complete list of available countries (in some cases, with both main and secondary leagues), so the offer of matches is great.

But it is also characterized by its excellent offer of markets, where for example card bets or penalties in major leagues stand out. It also offers Cashout and a fairly complete handball live betting section.


For many, it is the most complete bookmaker in New Zealand. And no wonder, since it offers a huge variety of competitions and events that few operators can approach.

In addition, its offer of markets is wide, and to this is added a Live Streaming to follow some handball matches, long-term bets, live and special functions such as Cashout or a fantastic Mobile App.

Tips and strategies for betting on handball

When making handball sports bets you have to keep a cool head, as it happens in any other sport. The uniqueness of handball is that it's easy to score goals , so the marker overturns and comebacks can be given in a very few minutes. Therefore, script changes are common.

So that they don't take you by surprise, one of the keys is to be knowledgeable and proficient in the statistics . It is a way of knowing in what form the teams and their players arrive at the meetings and what their usual scoring is and how many goals they concede per game. The percentage of success of the players is also important, especially of the pitchers and the goalkeepers.

For this reason, know the physical condition and casualties of the protagonists before a match it is very relevant, as it can help you make a more accurate decision in your handball bet. The templates, unlike in football and basketball, do not vary from year to year, so the background of previous seasons can serve as a guide.

Finally, something to take into account in handball is the difficulty of a draw, so as far as possible we recommend that you avoid betting on that result . In football it is more common for a match to end in a draw, but not so in handball due to the ease there is to score. They are bulky markers in which the odds for a draw are very high due to the low probability that it will occur at the end of the 60 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

🔝 Which is the best bookmaker with handball?

The most complete bookmaker is Bet365, for its offer of markets, events and services (Cashout, Streaming, Mobile App, etc).

🤔 Can you bet on live handball matches?

Of course it is, although there are matches that are not available at all live bookmakers.

❓ What are the most attractive markets in handball sports betting?

The most popular are the winner of the match and the total goals, as well as handicaps.

📈 What is the best strategy in handball betting?

Collect all possible information about the match (statistics, injuries, etc.) and with it, choose the most suitable market for the match (goals, handicaps, final result...).

💰 Can you make money with handball?

As in all sports, it will depend both on luck and chance, and on your skill with forecasts.

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