Volleyball Betting with The Best Odds in 2024

In this article we will address the information you need to know to place volleyball sports bets, both in the indoor track and beach volleyball modality.

To do this, we will analyze the similarities and differences between the two modalities, the rules, which are the most important tournaments, tips for placing volleyball bets in New Zealand, etc.

It is one of the many sports that go unnoticed and that are little followed except at the Olympic Games, so at Innovate Change we want to help you so that you have the best information.

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Table of contents

What is volleyball?

Volleyball is a collective sport that consists of passing the ball over the net and making it touch the ground within the field delimited by four lines. If the ball does not pass the net or touches the ground outside the field, the point goes to the opponent. A team can give a maximum of three touches to pass the ball to the other field, and the lines are part of the playing field. The serve is taken by the one who gets the point.

To win a set you have to make certain points with a minimum of two over the opponent, and the winner of the match is the team that manages to win three sets. In case of five sets the fifth the fifth is played to the first one who makes 15 points with two difference, in both modalities. These are the characteristics that the two volleyball modalities share. Below, we will detail the rules of each of them so that you know them when betting at the bookmakers.

Indoor volleyball

When placing bets on indoor volleyball you have to know that the first four sets are won by the one who achieves 25 points, with a minimum of two difference. In this modality the field measures 18x9 meters (9x9 each field) and each team has six attackers. Each field is divided by a line three meters from the net. In the near part of the net (attack zone) the three attackers are placed and in the back (defense zone) the three defenders.

The players are rotating their position each time they recover the serve, there should be three attackers and three defenders at the beginning of the point. Once the serve is made, they can move freely. In this mode the block does not count as a touch to pass the ball to the other field.

Players can only be substituted once per set, except for the libero, which is the exception within this modality. The libero can enter and leave as many times as he wants, but always replacing a player from the defense zone. He can't take out, or make blocks and has a different outfit.

Beach volleyball

If you are going to bet on beach volleyball, you should know its rules. The objective of the game is the same, although it is played on sand, in pairs, and the first four sets are 21 points and not 25. In turn, the dimensions of the field are smaller - 16x8 meters (8x8 each field). There are no positions on the field and in this case the blocking is taken into account when counting the three touches before passing the field ball.

The only restriction is that the same player cannot touch the ball twice in a row unless it is immediately after the block. The punch is changed every time the serve is recovered. In this modality there are no substitutions, and if a player is injured that team must withdraw and loses the match.

Rules of Volleyball

When betting on Volleyball matches, as in any other sport, there are some rules that you must follow.

Understanding the rules

First of all, the first thing you have to know are the rules. In the case of volleyball, it is essential that before betting we make sure what the modality of the match is, whether indoor volleyball or beach volleyball. With this, we will have all the information of the rules that will govern in that match.

Importance of choosing the bookmaker

Another of the key aspects is to choose the best volleyball betting house. To do this, at Innovate Change we help you with the comparison of the different operators. You must make sure that the chosen bookmaker offers volleyball among its sports and make sure that the market and odds offers are the best, as well as if they have streaming broadcast. With this, you will be able to make your volleyball predictions at the best bookmakers in New Zealand.

Mastery of statistics

In any bet it is very important to have the statistics of the participating teams controlled. In this case, you should know in what state of form they arrive, what have been the latest results of each set, if they have injured in the case of indoor volleyball, what are the antecedents in previous confrontations, etc. With this, you can use the information to make the best bet.

Most important Volleyball competitions

The most important volleyball tournament, in both modalities, is the Olympic Games , which is played every four years. The next edition will be in Paris 2024.

Another of the most relevant indoor volleyball championships, and which is also played by national teams, is the Volleyball World Cup , which is contested every four years, also in even-numbered years, but without coinciding with the Olympic Games. The next edition will take place in this year 2023 in headquarters yet to be decided.

The next tournament in relevance is also disputed by national teams. It is about the Volleyball Nations League , which is the denomination it adopted in 2018, when it replaced the World League. It is contested annually between the 16 best teams in the world, divided into four groups in a league format. The top two from each group qualify for the final stage at an already determined venue. They are divided into two groups and the two best of each play the semifinals and the final in a single match. The Volleyball Grand Prix is the women's version of the Nations League.

As for the continental tournaments, the most important are the Volleyball Dollarpa Championship , held every two years in odd-numbered years, and the Pan American Volleyball Games, where the best national teams from all over America participate every four years.

As for the national club leagues, the most important are three. One is in South America, as is the Brazilian Volleyball Super League; and two are in Dollarpa: the Italian Men's Volleyball Serie A1 and the Russian Volleyball Super League (RVSL).

As for the beach volleyball , the most important tournaments, in addition to the OLYMPICS, are the World Championship and the five-star tournaments, which there are usually between two and three each year. The World Cups or World Championships are played every two years in odd-numbered years, and the next edition will be played in 2023 at a venue yet to be determined.

Volleyball in New Zealand

Volleyball is not among the most popular sports in New Zealand. Disciplines such as basketball, cycling, handball or futsal, in addition to football, have a greater social and media following. In fact, it was not until 1960 that the New Zealand Volleyball Federation (RFEVB) was established.

The most important competitions are the Super League , both the masculine and the feminine, as well as the King's Cup and the Queen's Cup . The format in both cases is the same. The league tournament has a regular phase and the top eight fight for the title in a play off. The quarterfinals are the best of three games and the semifinals and at the end the best of five, always being the field factor favorable to the team with the best ranking in the regular phase.

As for the cups, both are contested by the top seven qualifiers of the regular phase plus the host. In this case, all the qualifiers are played in one weekend, since both the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the final are a single match.

As for beach volleyball, the tournaments that are organized in the summer season on the beaches of the New Zealand coast are popular, but New Zealand does not have a league of this modality.

Tips for betting on Volleyball

When placing bets on volleyball it is important to choose the best bookmaker, which will be the one that offers the best markets, along with the best odds and the possibility of watching streaming broadcasts.

One of the most important tips is, as in any other sport, to try to collect as much information possible about the match and the players. This includes statistics, latest news, injuries, trips, pitch, weather, etc.

You should also take into consideration the history who has the partner or team. If they have been playing together for a long time, they will be better versed than if, on the contrary, they have little experience. Also the schedule that can affect the physical condition of the players.

The live betting they are also an excellent option, even more so if you have a live Stream to follow everything that happens in the match.

Finally, resort to alternative markets (such as points, handicaps or sets) can be a fantastic alternative to those matches where you have doubts about who will get the victory. In relation to this, the combined bets they are a good choice in those opposite cases: where you are very clear about the victory but do not want to risk with a handicap - you can combine the victory of several couples or teams.

Volleyball Strategies

In volleyball, as in other sports modalities, there are numerous strategies that can be applied.

The strategy will depend on the modality we are betting on. For example, in indoor volleyball the number of players is 6, so more information will have to be collected about them, while their rapport is not as relevant as in Beach Volleyball where it is played in pairs.

Analyze the physical condition of the players (load of matches, injuries) is decisive and without a doubt a strategy that can be winning in the long term.

Similarly, an analysis of the match schedule it can also have a noticeable influence on the physical condition of the players: some rested players with few games will not be at the same level as others who have been playing many tournaments or matches in a short time.

With this in mind, it may be a good option to bet against those teams that have fatigued or injured players. If you think they will still win the match, it is likely that they will be long, so betting that there will be enough points or sets, or positive handicaps of the opposing team, are good options.

If you think that they will suffer but win the match, and you don't want to risk with negative handicaps, combined bets will be a choice to take into account: you will be able to get a good odds only with the victory of several teams.

The live betting they can also be an excellent option, especially if you have a Streaming of the match. In it you will be able to see the physical condition of the players, as well as catch possible injuries or rotations that can undoubtedly affect the performance of the team. If, for example, we observe that a team is tired or fatigued, or they have left out some key player, or he has been injured, betting against him will be interesting.

Bookmakers with the best Volleyball odds

Choosing the best odds to bet on Volleyball can make the difference between winning or losing in the long run. Each bookmaker has its own odds, and therefore you can find great differences for the same forecast. But how to find out which bookmaker has the best odds?

Below we leave you a comparison of odds for the same match from several bookmakers. Let's take a look at the odds of a Champions League match.

Bookmaker Trentino Perugia
Bet365 2.50 1.50
RiverBelle 2.50 1.50
William Hill 2.50 1.50
Spin Palace 2.50 1.53
Wildz 2.50 1.52
Rizk 2.45 1.54
Gaming Club 2.50 1.50
Betsson 2.42 1.55
King Billy 2.42 1.55
Retabet 2.51 1.51
Bet365 2.50 1.50

As we see in the analysis of the bookmakers that have the best odds for this match, there are hardly any differences between them. However, we can observe that Retabet it is the one that offers the best odds (2.51 - 1.51 compared to 2.50 - 1.50 in the others), along with Wildz .

Others like Spin Palace or Rizk also have competitive odds as they offer the best odds for visitors with a good odds for locals as well.

Live Volleyball betting

To bet live on volleyball matches, whether in the indoor or beach mode, the first thing we must do is make sure that the chosen bookmaker offers the possibility of betting live. Not all operators offer it and it is also not an option that is available in all matches.

Thus, once you have made sure that it is possible to bet live on volleyball, the most common markets are those of the winner of the match, the number of points in the set at stake, the number of total sets in the match and the exact result of the match. In addition, there are bookmakers who, at the same time as betting live, give the possibility to watch the match.

How to choose the best bookmaker for Volleyball?

When choosing a good bookmaker for Volleyball, some factors come into play. The most relevant are: variety of markets, good odds, Live streaming, long-term bets and live betting.

To this are added the other products or functions offered by the bookmakers and make the experience more complete: Mobile app, variety of payment methods, good customer service, Cashout, etc.

Below we leave you three options that we can consider as a safe bet to make your Volleyball predictions.

Bookmaker TOP Advantage

The best Volleyball odds

Live streaming

Numerous markets and events available


We have chosen Wildz because, as we have seen in the previous analysis, it is the bookmaker that offers the best Volleyball odds. In addition, they have an excellent offer of events and leagues, as well as live betting and long-term betting options.

In addition to its sports and events offer, other excellent services such as customer service or its mobile App are added.


Rizk is one of the few bookmakers that offer live Streaming of Volleyball matches (others such as Gaming Club, ChristChurch or Bet365 as well). This will allow you to follow your favorite events live by video, as well as collect information that may be useful. In addition, they have an acceptable number of leagues and matches, as well as live betting.

The other outstanding services of Rizk are its Cashout, customer service, mobile App, and numerous payment methods (Bizum included).

Spin Palace

Spin Palace is one of the bookmakers that offers the most Volleyball markets, reaching 100 in preparation if we are talking about an important event. In addition, their offer of leagues and matches is excellent and one of the most complete, as well as their live bets. And if all this were not enough, it has very competitive odds.

This bookmaker also stands out for other products such as Cashout and numerous payment methods.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

💸 What bonuses are there to bet on volleyball?

Any bonuses and sports betting promotions can be taken advantage of at de voleibol, although it depends on those offered by each bookmaker. Each operator has its own conditions.

❓ Is it safe to bet on volleyball?

Yes, as long as you bet at New Zealand bookmakers that are legal, that have their corresponding license.

🏐 What is a set in volleyball?

To win a match you have to win three sets, and to get a set you have to make 25 points in indoor volleyball and 21 in beach volleyball. Always with two points difference over the rival.

🤔 What are the types of bets on volleyball?

Volleyball bets are similar to tennis, with the main ones being the winner of the match, handicaps, total points in the match or in a set, total sets in the match and the exact result.

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