Badminton Betting: Rules and Strategies

Badminton is a racquet sport that has grown a lot in New Zealand. So much so that many of the New Zealand bookmakers offer markets to make your predictions safely.

Here we indicate the complete list, as well as a complete guide about this sport and everything related to betting on it.

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What is badminton?

Badminton is a racket sport that closely resembles tennis. In it two players (or two couples) face each other on a rectangular court separated by a net.

The main difference from other racket sports is that it is not played with a ball, but with a shuttlecock (also known as a feather).

It is a popular sport in New Zealand thanks to the successes of Carolina Marín, one of the best players in the world. Its history is relatively recent, as the New Zealand Badminton Federation dates back to 1985.

It has five modalities: men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles.

Badminton betting rules

This sport is played on indoor tracks. Players must hit the shuttlecock with their rackets and send it to the opponent's court above the net. A point will be earned by the one who manages that the opposing player does not return the steering wheel, either by hitting the ground or the net.

Badminton is contested in the best of three sets or games, each of them of 21 points. Each game or set must be won by a minimum difference of two points, although if a tie is reached at 29 points, the winner of the game or set will be the one who gets the 30th point.

Every time a player wins a point, he will be in charge of making the serve in the next one. The serves are made from the right field in the equal points (or start of sets) and from the left field in the case of odd points.

When performing the serve, the punch must be performed below the waist. It is a sport in which there are also faults, such as not hitting the steering wheel to be taken out, touching the net or invading the rival court, distracting the opponent with gestures or shouts, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on Badminton

Betting on badminton can seem very complex or very simple, depending on the knowledge that the user has. It is a peculiar sport and betting on it has some advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the advantage , we can highlight the following.

Bookmakers have less information

Being a minor sport, there is much less information on the internet and it is more complicated to control all the data surrounding a match. Generally, the odds are set only by the statistics surrounding the match, as well as the previous confrontations of the players.

Therefore, it is easier than in other sports to find information that the bookmakers do not have (physical or mental state of players, injuries, etc.).

Bets available live

Badminton betting has the positive point that it is also available live at most of the badminton bookmakers that offer this sport. This will allow you to follow the match and the score live, as well as make live forecasts based on the development of the match.

Video streaming of the match

Some bookmakers like Bet365 offer Live streaming of many Badminton matches. This is undoubtedly a great advantage that allows you to observe and follow in detail what happens in the match, as well as take note of the necessary information for your bets.

But as in any other sport, Badminton also has some disadvantage as far as sports betting is concerned. Here we list some of them.

Little offer at bookmakers

Not all bookmakers offer Badminton betting, besides the number of available markets is more limited than in other such popular sports as tennis.

No long-term bets

In this sport, unlike other important ones, there are no long-term bets available as a competition winner, or players who will reach the final.

Lower odds

Bookmakers have less information, and therefore offer less competitive odds. Their odds are not as adjusted as those of other sports, so the payout (profit margin) that we find in Badminton is higher than in other sports where they do have more information and more adjusted odds.

Tips for betting on Badminton

When making badminton predictions, it is important to remember the rules of the game well and a few more tips.

For example, the badminton court circumstances . Although it is played behind closed doors, the circumstances of the court can affect both the players and the speed of the steering wheel: altitude, humidity and temperature. At high temperatures, the flywheel flies faster than at low temperatures.

In some cases it should also be taken into account the type of steering wheel used : the nylon feather one (used in amatNZD tournaments) is less precise and streamlined than the goose feather one (used in professional tournaments).

Depending on all this, there will be player that they adapt better than others. There are players who like to attack and a fast game, who will benefit from high temperatures, with humidity, and a fast steering wheel, while there are others more defensive who prefer a slow pace of play who will look for the opposite.

In relation to the players you should also take into account their personality : how they act when things don't work out for them, if they tend to recover or get crazy and throw the match away.

You should also try to make sure that always choose the best share from among all bookmakers, as there may be noticeable differences. Related to this point, it is also advisable to evaluate all the available markets to opt for the one that best suits your analysis of the match.

Types of Badminton bets

As in any other sport, there are numerous bets and markets available at bookmakers. However, Badminton has a slightly more limited offer.

Match winner

Simply bet on which player will win the match. As there is no chance of a draw, there are only two possible bets: player 1 or player 2 (or pair 1/pair 2).

Total points

It consists of betting on the total points of the match, with a line offered: if there will be more or less than X points at the end of the match. There are available (depending on which bookmakers) several dotted lines.


It is used in cases where there is an advantage or disadvantage, it is bet with a negative or positive handicap applied to the sets. A -1.5 handicap indicates that the player will win by two sets of difference (2:0), while a +1.5 handicap indicates that that player will not lose by more than 1 set of difference.

Betting on the game

It is possible to bet on each particular game. Whether winner of the same, total points, handicaps, margin of victory, points race... In that case, you bet only on that indicated game.

Correct marker

Applied to the sets or games, you can bet on the exact result of the match. There are only four possible options - 2:0, 2:1, 1:2 or 0:2.

Player totals

Here you will be betting on the number of points a specific player gets in the entire match, adding up all the games or sets.

Combined bets

It consists of combining bets on several matches, mainly winners of the meeting. They are used to raise the odds of bets that we consider to have high odds of getting it right.

Strategies for betting on Badminton

As we said, Badminton is a peculiar sport with little information on the internet. That is why there are strategies that can be very interesting.

In this sport where there is no possibility of a draw and there are usually noticeable differences in the odds of the players, combined bets become important: Sometimes it can be more interesting combine the victory of 2 or 3 players than to bet on their set handicaps, as they may have an oversight and lose a set.

In those cases where you consider that a player will get the victory comfortably, you can also using other alternative markets as your total points in the match, the total total points, or the correct score (2:0).

However, the strategy that is probably the most interesting is that of the information . Search for all possible information about each match and player, in order to try to get an advantage over the bookmakers. Social networks can be useful for this, and thus be aware of travel, esions or adaptation.

In addition to logically, a follow-up of competitions and players. As it is a sport played individually (or as a couple), the physical condition of each player can be decisive. There are minor competitions where professionals do not put all their efforts (and save strength or train for the big events).

Follow the bets live by Streaming it can also be a good method and strategy to check the adaptation of each player to the track or weather.

How to choose the best bookmaker for Badminton

When choosing the best bookmaker, various factors come into play. The main and most important thing is to make sure that the bookmaker is licensed by the DGOJ and therefore, is legal in New Zealand.

The next step will depend on your priorities: if you are looking for the one with the most markets, Live streaming, live betting, or on the contrary good additional services such as the variety of payment methods, a complete customer service, or a mobile App.

Below we leave you three bookmakers that are undoubtedly highly recommended for Badminton betting.

Bookmaker TOP Advantage

Live streaming (Wheelz TV)

Good odds

Variety of markets


Despite the fact that Wheelz offers few markets for Badminton betting, it is an excellent option for offering the option of following some matches live Streaming, through Wheelz TV.

In addition, it has a good number of matches and competitions, as well as live betting available. All this is complemented by its additional services: Mobile app, very varied payment methods, very complete customer service, Cash Out, etc.

Spin Palace

At Spin Palace you can probably find the best Badminton odds. Competitive odds are the main feature of this bookmaker, which also has an excellent and complete offer of Badminton matches and events, live betting, and handicap markets.

Most bookmakers only offer bets on the winner of the match, but Spin Palace also has handicaps available.

As a complement, it offers other excellent services: Mobile App, Cash Out, Edit Bet, numerous payment methods, etc.


Bet365 is undoubtedly the best bookmaker for Badminton. It is the one that offers the most markets (more than 20) in each match, as well as the most complete offer of events, Live streaming of many matches, and live betting on all of them.

In addition to all this, its other excellent services are added: Mobile App, Cashout, numerous payment methods, etc.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

🏸 How do Badminton betting work?

Like any other sport, with the only peculiarity of the particular rules of each bookmaker regarding withdrawals.

🤔 What bonuses are there to bet on Badminton?

It will depend on what each bookmaker offers, although any bonuses and sports betting promotions can be taken advantage of in Badminton.

🔝 What are the safest Badminton bets?

It will depend on the match, but usually bets on the winner of the match are the simplest.

💰 What payment methods are available to bet on Badminton?

Depending on which bookmaker, you can find various payment methods: bank transfer, bank card, Paysafecard, Bizum, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller...

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