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Lifewise is a not-for-profit community and social development agency that provides a range of health, disability, youth, family and community development services. Lifewise provides home support services to approximately 1,095 older people and 400 people under 65 years old who have a disability.

The challenge 

Lifewise engaged innovate change to lead a process to explore how Lifewise could improve the home care services it provides for older people and people living with a disability. The purpose of this project and our challenge, was to identify ways to enable people to live independently in their home, in a way that better meet the users' needs, was financially sustainable and alighted with Lifewise’s values - including supporting family resilience, community connection and advancing social and economic inclusion.

In the short video below, Moira Lawler, General Manager of Lifewise, talks about her experience of the project, as well as what it has offered the organisation.

What did we do? 

We used the questioning, understanding, designing and refining phases of our innovative action model.

This involved:

  • explorative and co-design workshops with service users, Lifewise staff and other health professionals who are engaged in delivering services.
  • in-depth interviews with key informants including Lifewise staff and stakeholders.
  • empathy interviews with Lifewise service users.
  • reviewing service funding data, service utilisation data, and other organisations providing similar services.
  • selecting the most promising service propositions. 

We created 

Insights about Lifewise Home Care Service.

New Directions for Independent Living - a plan for improving home care services.

Our impact 

The work we’ve done for Lifewise is assisting them to redesign home care services from a user-centred perspective and that enables them to carry out work that better aligns to their core values.