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The Alcohol Harm Minimisation Working Group is made up of representatives from Counties Manukau Health, the Health Promotion Agency, CAYAD Auckland, The New Zealand Drug Foundation and Odyssey

The challenge 

In 2016, Rescue, a behaviour change agency based in the US were commissioned to conduct Peer Crowd Discovery (PCD) research to inform planning of teen and young adult alcohol abuse prevention efforts. This work identified five groups of young people who carry the greatest burden from alcohol related harm. 

If you’re interested, you can watch the video presentation of the work Rescue completed here.

The Alcohol Harm Minimisation Working Group asked us to take a co-design approach to identify, test and further develop behaviour change approaches to reducing alcohol related harm among young people living in South Auckland. In particular, within the Peer Crowds who experience the greatest harm. 

What are we doing? 

We are currently working with young people within the identified Peer Crowds to develop, refine and test approaches for reducing alcohol related harm. 

To do this, we are using the first four stages of our innovative action model to identify social norm approaches and interventions to increase engagement with young people, decrease alcohol related harm, and delay initiation of drinking where possible.  

We will create 

Insights on young people and alcohol in South Auckland

Prototypes of possible behaviour change approaches

A business case detailing a robust behaviour change approach

Our impact 

Through the development of highly targeted behaviour change interventions, we will be supporting the Alcohol Harm Minimisation Working Group to reduce alcohol related harm among young people living in South Auckland (and beyond).